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1 month ago
The Shaolin Nun™ #2

Andrew and JC are long time members of the Dr. Volts family. Help them fund Issue #2 of The Shaolin Nun today!

FYI, issue #1 is on sale in the store ... See more

Jump into Kung-Fu Action with The Shaolin Nun! Issues #1 & #2 are available.

1 month ago

Dark knight metal variants are LIVE! Go get them while you can. These are going to be VERY hard to get and very limited (not to mention very ... See more

1 month ago
‎Tales From The Comic Shop: 25th Episode Extravaganza!!!! With Doug Wagner and Hoyt Silva on Apple Podcasts

Come listen to our conversation with the fantastic Hoyt Silva and Doug Wagner about their new book Yumi!

Also, what the heck is happening in the collectibles industry right now? We're seeing record ... See more

‎Show Tales From The Comic Shop, Ep 25th Episode Extravaganza!!!! With Doug Wagner and Hoyt Silva - Feb 28, 2021

1 month ago
Keanu Reeves on the joy of writing his first comic book: ‘Why not? That sounds amazing!’

Come check out BRZRKR from Boom Comics today!


The Internet's favorite "immortal" movie star introduces an immortal warrior in "BRZRKR."

1 month ago

Want to win a CGC verified Keanu Reeves signed BRZRKR #1? Of course you do!

Here's the details

We're running this super awesome promotion in conjunction with The Nerd Store to give away an amazing ... See more

1 month ago

You know what the coolest comic shop in the world would do?

Give away a comic signed by Keanu Reeves.

Man, I wish there was a shop somewhere that was that cool🤔

1 month ago
Photos from Dr Volts Comics's post

Finally have new details on these very hard to get upcoming Death Metal covers!

We're expecting release of all 7 covers at the same time in August. These are coming from Turkey, so we're dealing ... See more

1 month ago
YUMI: SPY FATALE, BADDIE ROYALE - Original Graphic Novel

Go check out and back this beautifully drawn project from local friend of the store Doug Wagner. We're very excited to get our hands on this ... See more

A 136-page Graphic Novel by Doug Wagner & Hoyt Silva. Covers by Loish, Eliza Ivanova, & Chris Brunner.

1 month ago

UPDATE - We got in most of LAST WEEK'S titles (still waiting on a couple more). They're in holds, and on the shelves. We'll let you know as soon as this week's books get here. Thank you all again for ... See more

1 month ago

In Stock Today, the Braindead Comics EXCLUSIVE variant for Stray Dogs #1 - only $14.99


Number One in a five-issue Don Bluth-style suspense thriller by comic artists TONY FLEECS and TRISH ... See more

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