1 day ago

We have the Marvel Legends Prof X and Deadpool w/scooter. let me know if you need them

3 days ago
Over 100,000 Sign Petition Against DC Comics Publishing Second Coming

DC, I am disappointed. you should have rode the controversy about Second Coming for the high sales. instead of cancelling

4 days ago
BATMAN / TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Crossover Being Adapted as Animated Film

We are getting a Batman/TMNT animated show based off the comic. I am excited.

4 days ago

New comics time!

5 days ago
Photos from Dr Volts Comics's post

Fun toys this week: pop Fullmetal, and Wreck-it Ralph, Squirrel Girl statue and a Destiny Ghost

1 week ago

we got this cool Alien Queen figure in. for all you fans

1 week ago

We have a bunch more $2 Star Wars toys if anyone wants some

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