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16 hours ago
Graphic Novel Book Club

Its new comics day!

1 day ago

Guardians of the Galaxy variants. let me know

1 day ago

Battlepug compugoium is in now, the complete series of Battlepug.

1 day ago
The Gull #3 (He's like Batman, but he eats trash)

Gull #3 is live on kickstarter. the only way to get the Baron Beehive action figure.

1 day ago
Photos from Dr Volts Comics's post

So many new Pop figs: Loki, Rocky/Bullwinkle, and Wreck it Ralph

2 days ago
Marvel Legends Hydra Captain America and Netflix Luke Cage Figure Packs Launch at NYCC

We have the Arnim Zola/Supreme Captain America 2-packs coming in this week. Let me know if you need them

2 days ago

so much snow! and more still dropping. would have been a great day to stay home😞

2 days ago
New Releases

And of course, New Titles for this week:

2 days ago

Roads are still a huge mess. be careful out there

1 week ago

New comics time!

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