8 hours ago

Lunar (FedEx) finally came in! We stayed quite late to get the DC Comics books processed and out on the shelf for, you know, real New Comic Book Day.

1 day ago

ATTN: This week's shipment of DC Comics from Lunar Distribution (FedEx) has not yet made it to the shop. Dependent upon the time they arrive, DC titles may not be available until late Wednesday ... See more

5 days ago

Superman: Son of Kal-El #5 arrives November 9th! It's time to get your orders in. First prints are in-store on November 9th. Special second prints with the DC Pride logo are in-store November ... See more

1 week ago

REMEMBER! Saturday, October 30th, we have Drew Zucker, David Booher, and THE Phillip Sevy in THE HOUSE for an epic signing. 4-6pm

2 weeks ago

Saturday, October 30th, we have Zucker, Booher, and Sevy in THE HOUSE for an epic signing. 4-6pm

2 weeks ago

You, too, can celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pokémon with a collection, pin pack, or an Elite Trainer Box. In stock now!

1 month ago

We got a bit busy with our remodel and totally forgot this was happening! Please go vote for us for best of state, it would be an honor to win this year.

Make sure to fill out at least 10 different ... See more

1 month ago

Ghost in the Shell, the sci-fi classic is coming exclusively to IMAX theatres beginning today! A 4K remaster of the original Japanese film, subtitled in English and remastered specifically for IMAX. ... See more

1 month ago

Come see us today if you're coming to FanX! We have some cool free goodies for you too 😁

1 month ago

Going to FanX this year?

We have a couple great panels that we're going to be on that we want to highlight to you, and we may just have some free gifts to those who show up too!😏

Investing in ... See more


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