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1 week ago

REMEMBER! Free Comic Book Day is August 14th this year, to allow for people to get their Covid-19 vaccinations. We're open tomorrow, and we have a lot of great stuff, so, please feel free (get it) to ... See more

2 weeks ago
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New comics and toys are here!

Come in and see them! @ Dr Volts Comics

2 weeks ago

Don't forget to come in this Wednesday for your FREE copy of this highly sought after Something is Killing the Children 8th print!

All you need to do is buy BRZRKR 1&2 from us to get your free copy, ... See more

3 weeks ago

Welcome to Wednesday! First, we are sold out of all non-hold copies of Batman Zero Point. We're trying to get more in. Also, it looks like diamond shorted us MANY comic titles this week. Alien, ... See more

3 weeks ago
Forgotten Masterpiece: EL SORPRENDENTE HOMBRE ARAÑA #128

Really interesting and quick write up about a very cool part of comic book ... See more

This is a story that picked up a lot of chatter over the past few years, and there’s a ton of misinformation out there about it–largely because the story has never been reprinted, nor p…

1 month ago

5 new boxes of 2 dollar back issues, new quarter bin books, and new silver age all in today!

Come see soon for the best selection!

1 month ago

We are thrilled to announce our newest project. Introducing cover artist Casey Wullner in his first comic project, and he absolutely KILLED it! Presenting our exclusive for Silver City #1 from ... See more

1 month ago

Dr Volts Comics will continue to require its staff and guests to wear masks in the store until at least MAY 31st 2021. No excuses or arguments. Thank you for your understanding.

1 month ago
Rocky Mountain Comics

Rocky Mountain Comics 2021

1 month ago

It's been almost a week since Invincible dropped on Amazon Prime Video - how'd you like it? Swing by our shop this week and pick up exclusive Invincible show merchandise!

Still InvincibleFriday">#InvincibleFriday

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